Tracking & Retrieval

We provide total computer indexing of your offsite files, with instant reference and retrieval through our proprietary software. You'll get monthly updates by department and box displaying exactly where every file is located. This information is available in hard copy, diskette or via the internet. It's absolutely the best system anywhere.

Need a document? You have several options.

Delivery - If you need a document or carton delivered to your office you can request it over the internet, fax a request or phone us. We have two delivery runs a day - morning and afternoon. If you make your request in the morning, we will deliver your documents that afternoon. Requests received in the afternoon will be delivered the next morning. We offer special delivery for "rush" and "after hours" requests.

  • Online: View your documents quickly and easily using our online system
  • Fax: Upon request, we can fax the documents you require
  • Phone: When appropriate, we can retrieve the documents and give you the required information over the phone
  • Pick Up: You can come by our office and pick up a file at your convenience during office hours

Pickup & Delivery

Our couriers provide same day delivery during week days. Emergency service is available for immediate and weekend requests. Business Archives is your partner in business document management.

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