About Business Archives

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Like so many of us, the founder of Business Archives had experienced first hand the overwhelming nature of corporate paper accumulation. Deciding what documents to keep. How long to keep them? Where to keep them? How to find them again when you need them? Knowing he was not the only person in business to deal with these universal problems, he decided to build the business now known as Business Archives.

Over twenty years later, Business Archives has grown from one location to multiple locations with combined storage of over 2,500,000 cubic feet and 15 delivery trucks.

Growth is not the only progressive part of our business. In 1997 Business Archives debuted the File Tracker System (FTS) and became the first document storage company to use the internet to make file inventories available to our customers. Business Archives is very excited about expansion of internet services with the latest version, called eArchive, which will came online in the third quarter of 2004.

Our online services continue to evolve. In August 2004 we added Business Archives Data Vaulting which is an online data backup service, using the power and ease of the internet to safeguard valuable data. Our "Scan On Request" services will further enhance our clients ability to archive and store important business documents. This service will provide for onsite scanning of your documents which are then immediately transferred via the internet to our offsite servers for storage.

Business Archives is dedicated to helping you protect your critical business information, while making it as simple as possible to be able to use when necessary. Just as in 1989, Business Archives is dedicated to making sure your file storage problems - whether paper or digital - are solved.